Daily News of the Change in Growth Rates of Corona Cases

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Last Update: 28.05.2020 , 06:04 MESZ
Next Update: 29.05.2020 , 08:00 MESZ

Corona Impact Forecast

The Corona Impact Forecast is a value based on Death Ratio, Recovery Ratio and 7-Days-Average Growth Rates. It indicates two things:

1. How well does the health system and society deal with the threat?

2. What is the outlook based on the growth rate?

-> The higher the value - the more negative impact COV-19  will have in terms of total deaths

-> The lower the value - the higher is the chance to get back in control

Formula: Death Ratio/Recovery Ratio*7-Day Average Growth Rate



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Data sources: Johns Hopkins University CSSE (international data from WHO, CDC (USA), ECDC (Europe), NHC, DXY (China) and reports from the German authorities.

The data situation is highly dynamic worldwide. Thus, the number of corona cases may differ from other representations. This is due to the different time frames and reporting chains. These counters are updated daily.